Alphabetize This!

Many of the people who know me have heard me refer to “Letter night,” which happens every month or two and to which I always look forward. The premise is this: We cook our way through the alphabet. So for example, for the letter A, everyone brought a dish that began with the letter A. It was always a surprise to see what we ended up with and how different they could be. As I recall, I first joined this tradition around the letter “I”, and it took about another 5 years to make it through the rest of the alphabet.

I think we’ve all enjoyed these nights, and so when we got to Z, we decided to start again –  with a twist. This time, the host (as determined by alphabetical order, of course), decides what ingredient we all work with, ala Iron Chef/Chopped. For A night, Amy decided on Artichokes. And this past weekend, Colleen decided on, of all things, Bologna.

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Super K Strikes Again

For the amount that I write about my kid, this blog is turning into a Mommy Blog that has no mission. For that, I’m sorry. If you’re here for my deep thoughts, well, you should realize by now that those are relatively spread out and interspersed with fluff. Sorry.

On the other hand, if you’re here to hear about my sassy kid, you’ve come to the right place. Those of you who are Facebook friends of mine will have already heard this story, so you can feel free to tune out now.

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Today’s Interlude: From the Backseat

Every so often I like to post little interludes with my daughter. That’s one of the best ways I can keep the whimsy in my life. So without further ado, here’s today’s interlude.

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Christmas Traditions

It’s funny how important traditions and a sense of wonder can be. Every year, I spend some time around Christmas going back to L.A. to be with my family. It’s one of my favorite things to do, despite the parental drama it can come with, because spending time with my family (and now my sister-in-law, nieces and nephew) is absolutely soul-lifting. Even spending time with my crazy parents can be fun. Continue reading

Two Little Interludes

Two interludes with K today:

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Can the NBA “Just Say No”?

Today was supposed to be the beginning of the NBA season. But since not a single one of you is watching a professional basketball game, I’m guessing that you already know that there isn’t a whole lot of basketball going on right now.

So in the absence of anything resembling court-side action, I leave you with this classic from 1987. You think the Super Bowl Shuffle was great? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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K’s Imagination

My kid loves to pretend. She likes especially to pretend to eat and loves to “cook.”

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