Natural Disasters

One of the many things I like about living in Boston is that there’s a relative shortage of natural disasters – though you wouldn’t know it if you watched our local meteorologists. My childhood state of California was like that too – there was always the possibility of earthquake or fire, but I never worried about it the way other parts of the country worried about their disasters.  I guess it’s a question of what you’re used to.

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Goats stuck under railroad bridge

This is just kind of funny.

Goats rescued off Railroad bridge (Via Yahoo/the AP)

Urban art

My friend Cortney is a landscape designer, and one of the things I really love about her is all the cool stories she shares from her Google Reader. Most of these stories I just find cool or interesting, and it provides a different perspective to my RSS feeds which is heavily dominated by feeds on information management/business intelligence, technology, politics, parenting and food.

Anyway, a recent blog she shared was an ad campaign where they put a picture of a bare tree (i.e. branches and trunk, but no leaves) on the road, and pans of green paint on either side of the sidewalk. Here’s the result. How cool is that?

From the Good Blog

K’s First Picnic

After living in Brookline for 6+years, we finally made our way to Larz Anderson Park (Great park, P.S.). We’re always talking about having a picnic, but we never get around to it, so this time we were determined to make it work. Looks like K enjoyed it, don’t you think? (see below for pics)

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Taking time to appreciate the little things

We all know the drill – we spend so much time going through our daily lives that we often miss the truly remarkable. As a result, there’s something strangely satisfying about a mass of people taking time off to appreciate something that could just as easily be missed because life is going too fast.

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