“It’s Happy Birthday to Me!!”

This post is nearly a week late, but I couldn’t finish the week without acknowledging my munchkin’s third birthday.

On Monday, whenever someone asked K about the crown she was wearing or what was special about the day, she would explain, “It’s Happy Birthday to Me!!” When one of her teachers said to her, “Oh it’s your birthday? Could it be my birthday too?” K replied: “Well, it could be your birthday, but it’s not because it’s my birthday, but it would make you sad if I told you it wasn’t your birthday, so we can pretend it’s your birthday if you want even though it’s actually my birthday.” The teacher said she’s never been told “no” quite so politely in her life.

But this is K. She’s smart and articulate, crazy and hilarious. Her thought process is fascinating to watch and her individual sense of self and style is something I hope devoutly that she keeps in the face of peer pressure as the years go on.

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Celebrating the New Year – ABC-style

In my last post, K and I wished you all a hearty Gung Hay Fat Choy, in honor of the Chinese New Year. Well, today, J, K and I all went down to Chinatown to watch the Lion Dance festivities.

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And a Gung Hay Fat Choy to you too

It’s Chinese New Year, a time of celebration and togetherness. This and K’s birthday are probably the two times of year that I most regret not living close to my family.

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5 Reasons Not to Post a New Year’s Resolution Post

As a blogger, I feel this unreasonable compulsion to write a New Year’s Resolution blog. A blogger is by nature someone who is self-involved or self-important enough to think that whatever they have to say is of value and/or interest to other people. Such people tend to be particularly prone to making new year’s resolutions. (sorry if I offended anyone there. Of course I don’t mean you!) Continue reading

Happy Everything…Just a Little Late

I was doing so well for a while, posting twice a week. Ah well.

I meant to post this last week for Easter, but life got in the way. I admire the inclusive, entrepreneurial spirit embodied by the Japanese restaurant that had this in the window. In case you can’t quite make it out, there’s a Buddha through the window.

Happy Everything!