K’s First Picnic

After living in Brookline for 6+years, we finally made our way to Larz Anderson Park (Great park, P.S.). We’re always talking about having a picnic, but we never get around to it, so this time we were determined to make it work. Looks like K enjoyed it, don’t you think? (see below for pics)

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May the olives be with you.

This makes me happy. It’s the little things. See the original post here.

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Rice Krispie Sushi

So I read about these rice krispie sushi, and I think it’s absolutely brilliant. I’m thinking baby showers and children’s birthday parties – how much fun would it be to make?

Check out the original blog post on this – gives some of the details, but I’ve copied the pictures from Coochicoos below.

From Coochicoos

From Flickr