“Girls Can’t Be Superheroes”

My daughter K is mildly obsessed with superheroes. And while I take full responsibility for having planted the initial seed (and watering it daily with encouragement and the occasional new superhero-themed book or shirt), she’s taken the idea and just run with it.

“K, what do you want to wear today?”

“A superhero shirt, superhero underwear and pants that tie…if we have them, please.”

When we first introduced K to superheroes – your typical Batman, Superman-type fodder – she expressed an interest in them, but it didn’t become a daily undercurrent. And in fact, her enthusiasm was dampened for a bit last fall when a classmate told her that his daddy said, “Girls can’t be superheroes.”

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Goodbye, Pants.

I totally fooled you with that headline, didn’t I? Sorry @GeoffJentry, but you should know me better.

Some of you may recall that I love comics. Not comic books (sorry, Paul), but comic strips. You know, the Sunday Funnies. Or rather, what the Sunday Funnies used to be once upon a time. Today, unfortunately, I get bored by most of the Sunday Funnies. It could be that I’ve gotten older, or it could be that things just aren’t as funny as they used to be.¬†Anyway, this isn’t supposed to be a regurgitation of my love for Comics.

However, the wonderful world of the Internet has enabled a whole new stable of funny, intelligent and occasionally artistic people to find a life publishing comic strips for the enjoyment of themselves and often the rest of us.  Continue reading

Adding 26 years to Calvin and Hobbes

I love comics. I don’t mean comic books, though I confess to thinking that superheroes are pretty darn cool. No, I mean the Sunday funnies. I always ignored the soap opera ones and went straight for the classics. When I was in elementary school, I was a rabid fan of Garfield. My tastes expanded quickly – Peanuts. Cathy. Beetle Bailey. B.C. Wizard of Id. Bloom County. Doonesbury. Non Sequitur. Over the Hedge. I loved most of them (though not those ridiculous soap opera-y ones. Never did understand the appeal of those).

But by far my favorite comic has always been Calvin & Hobbes.

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