Reconnections and Remembrances

Funny thing about this August – I’ve had the chance to catch up in person with quite a number of high school friends – some of whom I haven’t seen in about 16-17 years. And it’s been kind of weird. When you go this long without seeing people, they tend to remain eternally frozen in the moment you last saw them. Think Han Solo in carbonite. Though hopefully without the look of intense pain. And somehow against all practical reality – despite knowing intellectually that a decade and a half of intense change have passed – some deep-seated, emotional part of you half expects that your friends will thaw out from that carbonite of time slightly worse for wear but fundamentally with the same boyish good looks, rakish smile, devil-may-care attitude and smartass remarks.

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Holy Crap, I’ve Hit 100

Move along, move along. Nothing to see here.

Unless, of course, you’re interested in hearing my self-congratulation. Because, really, that’s all this post is about. So. A few stats:

I’ve been having fun with it so far – have you? And to make this post not entirely all about me – tell me which topics you like best and which topics you’d like to me to tackle more often.

I’ll see you again at 200.

5 Reasons Not to Post a New Year’s Resolution Post

As a blogger, I feel this unreasonable compulsion to write a New Year’s Resolution blog. A blogger is by nature someone who is self-involved or self-important enough to think that whatever they have to say is of value and/or interest to other people. Such people tend to be particularly prone to making new year’s resolutions. (sorry if I offended anyone there. Of course I don’t mean you!) Continue reading

Have you Google+ed yet?

OMG I got a Google+ invite. Look, I know that it might not become that big. I got an invite to Google Wave once upon a time too. And I’ve seen what’s happened to Buzz. But even still, I do love trying out cool new technologies. As a fairly avid user of Facebook and Twitter, I question whether I really need yet another social network – My online identity is littered with the relics of failed experiments: Identica, FriendFeed, MySpace, Friendster and more. Why not try yet another one?

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Feeling Guilty…or Inspired.

There’s this feeling I have. The pessimist in me would probably call it guilt. The optimist in me would call inspiration. Hard to tell which one it is, but regardless, there’s this feeling I have. And I blame it entirely on my friend Claire.

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