Polar Opposites

The advent of social media has really done a number on the way we interact, communicate and consume information. This point was brought home to me when I was watching/reading the “Twitter Town Hall” that President Obama held this past week. The Town Hall also hammered home a completely separate point as well – that the current polarization of those who choose to make their voices heard is smothering our country.

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So interestingly, I’m not nearly as political on this blog as I thought I would be. I think there are a number of reasons for this, but it’s probably mostly because I rarely find it to be advantageous to get into a shouting match about most of the issues about which I feel strongly (which, you know, would be pretty much all of them). In the end, there is rarely a time when I will convince you, nor will you convince me, and we’ll probably just irritate each other.

But I also appreciate that the more you talk to people with your same views, the more polarized this country gets. And so I think it quite important to bring to your attention this beautiful piece of bipartisanship. I only hope that we can address other initiatives as gracefully.

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