Can the NBA “Just Say No”?

Today was supposed to be the beginning of the NBA season. But since not a single one of you is watching a professional basketball game, I’m guessing that you already know that there isn’t a whole lot of basketball going on right now.

So in the absence of anything resembling court-side action, I leave you with this classic from 1987. You think the Super Bowl Shuffle was great? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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Remembering How the Jello Used to Jiggle

When I was growing up in LA, I loved basketball so much that my dream in life was to be Chick Hearn.

I used to use a tape recorder similar to this one.

(Even then, you can tell that my athletic ability was non-existent, since I was dreaming of being an announcer, not a player.) Somewhere in the bowels of my mom’s house are hidden a few audio tapes of a 12-year-old girl vainly attempting to provide the play-by-play for a Lakers game. I used to watch the game, turn down the sound and use an old tape recorder to practice.

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