Will McDonald’s really de-gender its toys?

Slate.com just published a great article, written by a high-school junior, about her campaign to de-gender¬†McDonald’s toys. I’m impressed by the article, and the initiative of the girl who wrote it. I wish I had been that committed to change at her age. Heck, I wish I were that committed NOW. I’m hopeful that the […]

Gender Stereotypes and Expectations

Okay, so most of you know that I’m really not a big fan of pink. Especially that pale pastel pink you find in baby stores. I think that pink Red Sox caps are an affront to baseball. I didn’t want to find out K’s gender early at least in part because I was afraid I […]

Take Your Girliness and Shove It

Most of you know my rather strong feelings about gender stereotypes and expectations. I don’t have a problem with girls being exposed to “girly” things, but I do have a problem because it seems ¬†that everything a girl is exposed to is “girly.” Why are there entire aisles awash in pink? Why must everything be […]