K Interlude: Episode 3.4

Interludes from K this week:
1) K sees someone on the street and says, “I think that person is a witch” (woman is wearing all black with a black hoodie that’s up, kind of like the point of a hat).

We pass the woman, K glances back and says, “no she’s not a witch.” I say “what does a witch look like?”

K says, “they wear a hat and they have angry eyes and an angry mouth.” – I’m so proud that she said nothing about physical appearance! Later that night she asked me to find some books about “nice witches.”

A Mighty Girl has curated a great collection of books about independent princesses. Check it out at: http://www.amightygirl.com/mighty-girl-picks/independent-princess-1

2) When talking about school:
K: I played with David and Dylan – they were the babies and I was the mommy. Then Dylan wanted to be the bad guy, so I protected David from him.

Me: Well that’s nice sweetheart. Did David also protect you? Did you protect each other?

K: No, because I wasn’t scared, so I didn’t need protection. I just protected David.

While I hope she’ll know to get help if/when she needs it, I’m so excited that she didn’t automatically need protection.

That’s my girl.

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