Some things get clearer the older you get. Some people discover (at 30-something) what they want to be when they grow up or that they don’t really want to have children or that a midlife crisis may not come in the form of a car. Some journeys of self-discovery can take decades, some take years, months or just days.

And then there are the ones that happen in just a moment. When you realize that you need to come to terms with something about yourself. Today’s discovery? That I need to have one of the four following options happen:

A) Make enough money to hire a personal chef,

B) Find a roommate who can cook,

C) Enroll K in culinary school instead of kindergarten

D) Find a man who will cook for me (and hopefully have other redeeming qualities as well)

Part 2 of what I learned today? Whoever said that slow cooking food was easy was lying. Or I’m just a crappy cook. Probably both.

Burnt Crockpot

I forgot to take a picture before I tossed out the “stew” I had, but the burn marks might give you some idea…

6 thoughts on “Self-Discovery

  1. Just be a takeout person and be proud!

  2. L: “a midlife crisis may not come in the form of a car”

    Or, maybe it might! 🙂

  3. Maybe it’s your slow cooker? I’ve not seen one that was metal, only ceramic inserts. I’m so sad for you that your slow cooking is not successful! We love it.

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