“It’s Happy Birthday to Me!!”

This post is nearly a week late, but I couldn’t finish the week without acknowledging my munchkin’s third birthday.

On Monday, whenever someone asked K about the crown she was wearing or what was special about the day, she would explain, “It’s Happy Birthday to Me!!” When one of her teachers said to her, “Oh it’s your birthday? Could it be my birthday too?” K replied: “Well, it could be your birthday, but it’s not because it’s my birthday, but it would make you sad if I told you it wasn’t your birthday, so we can pretend it’s your birthday if you want even though it’s actually my birthday.” The teacher said she’s never been told “no” quite so politely in her life.

But this is K. She’s smart and articulate, crazy and hilarious. Her thought process is fascinating to watch and her individual sense of self and style is something I hope devoutly that she keeps in the face of peer pressure as the years go on.

Every year, on June 11th (or 12th – I’m a day late this year), I like to stop to reflect how K has changed and what she’s saying/doing now. A non-stop talker, K has gone from saying just a few mispronounced words to talking to everyone and everything around her…except during those occasional time when “I don’t wanna talk.” I’m convinced that this desire to share what’s going on in her head is what led to the creation of Gaga and Geeks, K’s imaginary friends. And as I watch K blossom, I alternate between being proud of the girl I see her becoming, worried that I’m too overbearing in my beliefs, amazed at her development and really truly scared at how fast it’s all going.

There is so much to capture here that it’s hard to narrow it down to a post that actually makes any sense. So you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

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