“I can rescue myself!”

There are some moments where you can see a flash of the person you hope your child is becoming. It’s hard to know during those moments how much of it is brainwashing (admittedly by me), desire to please you, their own personality or good upbringing (:-)). But they sure do make you feel good inside.

K’s teachers are constantly telling me that she speaks her mind (loudly). One of her teachers calls her “fresh.” Which is probably more accurate than my preferred word of “sassy” since it communicates her tendency to defy authority from time to time.

At any rate – judge for yourself yesterday’s scenario:

K said to her preschool teacher (ticking off each of the following with successive fingers):
– “I can surrender”
– “I can protect”
– “I a princess”
– “I’m wearing a purple dress.”

Says her teacher: “What’s the fifth one? And if you’re a princess, does that mean you want a prince to come swoop you off your feet and rescue you?”

Replies K: “oh no, I can do all that myself!”

– “I can rescue things.”

3 thoughts on ““I can rescue myself!”

  1. Good for her! How old is he she? I hope she gives you more moments of pride.

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