K Interlude: Episode … uh … 1.3?

Two interludes:

K: “I’m Mommy, and you’re Katherine.”

Me: “So I’m Katherine?”

K: Yes.

M: Then I must be really cute.

K: And smart!

That’s my girl. Second interlude involves our seemingly never-ending potty training battle. K’s dad and I often remind K that she needs to “listen to her body.” We use this phrase a lot, particularly when it looks like she needs to poop but refuses to go to the bathroom. Fast-forward to Monday. I’m in the shower, and J is downstairs getting changed. K is in the kitchen eating breakfast when all of a sudden:

I’m listening to my body, Daddy!!! Daddy, I’m listening to my body!!!!

J runs up stairs as K is running to the bathroom, and we have success. Too bad it was the only time this week.

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