Sideshow Act: She can sing! She can read!

barkerRight this way, ladies and gentlemen! It’s the one, the only, the amazing, singing, dancing and reading K!

Sometimes I feel like a carnival barker when I post pictures and videos about my kid. I mean, how irritating must it be to everyone else besides my family? And let’s face it – nearly every parent thinks their kid rocks. It’s genetically engrained in us so we don’t, you know, eat our young or sacrifice them to the minotaur or whatever. It’s kind of like how no parent of a six-month old can accurately explain what it’s like to be the parent of a newborn. It’s only been half a year, but nature has a way of fuzzing it all out so that you won’t convince yourself or others around you NEVER TO PROCREATE AGAIN. And I say that as the mother of a kid who was really pretty easy at that age (I think. But really, given what I just said, can you trust me?)

But I honestly believe that much of this stuff is sheer wonderment at the speed at which kids pick up things. And I can appreciate why second children so often get the short end of the stick. Yes, there’s the whole time factor (as in, you have none), but also because you were fairly recently introduced to the magical world of rapid development. So it’s not quite as much of a shock.

With me, yes, I totally wonder at everything my kid does. We’ll blame it on her being my first. She is, after all, AWESOME. But what surprises me most is the memory on this kid. Let me give you some context.

I have no memory. I’m not as bad as the dude in Memento, but my ability to live in the moment is astonishing. I’ve been known to comment in early September one year, “Gee it wasn’t that humid this year, was it?” when it fact it was a summer filled with above average humidity.

So the fact that at nearly 2.5 my kid knows most of the words to a song (“Five Little Ducks”) I’ve never even heard of, let alone sang to her is downright flabbergasting to me. She can recite most of her books – even the ones that are relatively new like Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale (Thanks, Kathleen). And while I’m trying really, really hard to fight against my baser demons. Well. Let’s face it. I’ve already lost.

So, in true carnival barker fashion, I present to you: The Amazing! The Stupendous! The Sensational! Munchkin Girl!

7 thoughts on “Sideshow Act: She can sing! She can read!

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  3. Love this! She DOES rock!

  4. Regarding memory: You’re also not as bad as Rick Perry…. 🙂

    But I agree: My niece ROCKS!!!!! Who’s her auntie???! Hee hee!

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