Goodbye, Pants.

I totally fooled you with that headline, didn’t I? Sorry @GeoffJentry, but you should know me better.

Some of you may recall that I love comics. Not comic books (sorry, Paul), but comic strips. You know, the Sunday Funnies. Or rather, what the Sunday Funnies used to be once upon a time. Today, unfortunately, I get bored by most of the Sunday Funnies. It could be that I’ve gotten older, or it could be that things just aren’t as funny as they used to be. Anyway, this isn’t supposed to be a regurgitation of my love for Comics.

However, the wonderful world of the Internet has enabled a whole new stable of funny, intelligent and occasionally artistic people to find a life publishing comic strips for the enjoyment of themselves and often the rest of us. There’s a whole ecosystem of webcomics out there, enjoyed by thousands. XKCD is a great example of this – wildly popular, relatively geeky and beloved. Angry Little Girls is a great one too. But a few months ago, I stumbled across an amazing comic called “Pants are Overrated.” I immediately hit the subscribe button on my RSS feeder, and since then, twice a week, I’ve been enjoying the completely random, often reminiscent, and just darn right funny stylings of Dan and Tom Heyerman.

So it is with incredible sadness that I learned this week that after just 2.5 years, they are calling it quits next week on Pants are Overrated. Something about “needing to make money.” You would have had my undying love just for bringing back my beloved Calvin and Hobbes and staying true to their nature, but you also tackled many other domains, and all to great effect. So thanks, guys. And good luck with whatever you do next.

Hobbes and Bacon

Hobbes and Bacon by Pants are Overrated

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