K’s Imagination

My kid loves to pretend. She likes especially to pretend to eat and loves to “cook.”

One day a couple of months ago, K gave me her doll stroller one day and asked me to fold it up. Once I did, she proceeded to turn it into a “bacuum c’eaner” and begin vacuuming the floors.  She did this with no prompting from me or Jamie, and to my knowledge, no prompting from day care either (I’ve never seen a doll stroller there). Now THAT’S my kid.

But perhaps the sweetest thing to see is to watch her with Monkey or one of her dolls (usually Monkey) and going through the day with them. She’ll put Monkey to sleep on her bed, put a blanket over Monkey and begin vigorously patting her and loudly stage whispering “Shhhhh!!! Shhhhh!!!!” She often tries to feed Monkey, but the best is when she randomly starts to hold Monkey and stroke her, saying, “It’s okay, Monkey. You okay? You’re okay, Monkey.” It’s slightly frightening to watch your mannerisms manifest themselves into your daughter.

As an aside, you may wonder why I refer to Monkey as a “she.” Up until three weeks ago, Monkey was definitely a he. But while potty training, we’ve been telling K about her body parts, including her vagina. When we were on vacation, K took a bath with a one-year-old boy, so we explained that he had a penis, but K didn’t, and K had a vagina, but Dylan didn’t. The next day in the car, K was giving Monkey a “di’per change” when we suddenly hear her patting Monkey and shouting, “Monkey ‘gina! Monkey ‘gina!”

Who knew Monkey was a girl?

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