Best Bedtime Ever

Tonight’s bedtime routine went something like this:

Me: “Munchkin, what book would you like to read?”
K: “Where wild are? Where wild are?”
Me: “You want to read, ‘Where the wild things are?'”
K: “Yes. ‘It was still hot.'”

[Book reading interjected with K’s, “Rawwwwrr!”s and “Be Still!”]

K: “Agin? Agin?”

[Begin to read again. A third the way through, K gets distracted, drops Monkey, Jack and George and starts to try to put Monkey to sleep with George on its back.]

Me: “Kiddo, do you want to keep reading this book or read a different book?
K: “Diff’rnt book”
Me: “How about ‘Make Way for Ducklings?”
K: “Yes.”

[Start to read. Get about 1-2 pages in.]

K: “Tired. Kat-Kat tired.”
Me: “Do you want to go to bed?”
K: “S’eep. Kat-Kat s’eep. Kat-Kat tired.”

Ain’t my kid awesome?

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