Where’d my baby go?

June 11, 2009 - Before

At this moment, two years ago, I was tired, hungry, excited and a little scared. I hadn’t been allowed to eat or drink anything since midnight. Who does that? Who asks a pregnant woman not to eat or drink anything for 11 hours? I mean, seriously.

Anyway, I was anxiously waiting to have surgery for the first time in my life (wisdom teeth extraction notwithstanding).  More importantly, I was waiting to meet a little boy or girl who had somehow managed, against all odds, to wait until 36 weeks and 6 days to be born – exactly when the doctors wanted her to.

Even then, K was a remarkably good listener 🙂

I know everyone says it, but it bears repeating – WOW does two years go by fast. In the past two years, K has gone from a baby who couldn’t do anything for herself, to a (somewhat) independent toddler, fully aware of her own mind and intentions and fully capable of instructing you as to what she wants. So I thought today would be a good day to capture all the fleeting moments that I have loved with my little girl:

  • The way you used to hiccup all the time
  • The big stretch and yawn you would give right after we unswaddled you
  • How you used to reach up to touch the painting in your room when we changed you.
  • How you try to push me over by coming up to me and saying, “Oh noooooo!” right before you pushed
  • The way you used to sit on the ground and push yourself in a circle with your feet when you were upset
  • How you giggle even louder when we keep George just out of reach
  • How your first multi-word phrase was “made a mess!”
  • The fact that you say “Chep-uh-kuh” instead of ketchup
  • How you always want us to sit down next to you to play with you
  • The way you say “Mumma kiery..pease!!!”
  • How much you absolutely love music
  • How you often ask for permission before you do something (like throw a ball down the stairs)
  • How you like to have your own “beeboard” and mouse just like Mommy and Daddy
  • The fact that you insisted on trying to eat with chopsticks
I wish I had started making this list a lot sooner, because I know there are many things from the early days that I’ve forgotten. These moments are fleeting, but I have enjoyed every second of them. Happy birthday, munchkin girl. I love you so much!

June 11, 2009 - After

June 10, 2011

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