The biggest Star Wars fan in MA

For a girl who never saw any of the Star Wars movies until she was in high school (and didn’t see the whole series until they were re-released), I’m a pretty big Star Wars fan. Yoda’s my favorite of course, but Han Solo’s pretty cool too. And I know some really big Star Wars fans. But driving home from work this week, I realized that there is a whole class of fans out there that no one I know touches:

The bumper stickers are as follows:

  • Wookie on Board
  • Remember Alderaan
  • Poodoo Happens
  • Blasters Don’t Kill People. Stormtroopers Kill People.
  • Space Smugglas, / Bounty Huntas, / and Schemin’ Twi-Lek. He’s / AN a Hutt Gangsta knows… / Jabba  da H.U.T.T. (RIP)
  • Rebel Scum: Do it in small thermal exhaust ports
  • Support our Jedi

That last bumper sticker was so faded I couldn’t make out the words.

All I have to say is: Bravo, sir. Bravo.

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