Adding 26 years to Calvin and Hobbes

I love comics. I don’t mean comic books, though I confess to thinking that superheroes are pretty darn cool. No, I mean the Sunday funnies. I always ignored the soap opera ones and went straight for the classics. When I was in elementary school, I was a rabid fan of Garfield. My tastes expanded quickly – Peanuts. Cathy. Beetle Bailey. B.C. Wizard of Id. Bloom County. Doonesbury. Non Sequitur. Over the Hedge. I loved most of them (though not those ridiculous soap opera-y ones. Never did understand the appeal of those).

But by far my favorite comic has always been Calvin & Hobbes.

I love Calvin’s mischievousness, his creativity, his imagination and the sheer joy he takes out of the simplest things. I adore Hobbes and his pragmatism, his (and Calvin’s for that matter) outlook on humanity, his ability to cut to the core of any topic. The two together are the perfect pair – childhood incarnate. There isn’t a single Calvin & Hobbes strip ever that doesn’t at least make me giggle.

So it was with some concern that I read on NPR about a website called “Pants are Overrated” and a recent series that they did that brought Calvin back…26 years older.

Relatively speaking, they did a rather good job of keeping to the spirit of the comic strip, but just as NPR columnist Robert Krulwich says in his column – I think they perturbed the universe.

Calvin, Hobbes And Comic Book Biology : Krulwich Wonders… : NPR.

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