It’s Okay to Be Takei.


I’m not quite sure why there are still people out there who think that ignoring something will make it go away.

Tennesee legislature, I’m talking to you. The State Senate in Tennessee has passed a a bill being dubbed the “Don’t Say gay law.” If it were to pass the House, the bill would prohibit teachers from discussing homosexuality in the classroom.

Now look. I’m not saying we should devote the entire curriculum to homosexuality, but seriously – can we stop trying to pretend that it doesn’t exist? I mean, that’s as bad as legislating that we stress abstinence in school because talking about condoms will increase teen pregnancy rates.

Guess what? Reality doesn’t change just because you don’t like it. People are gay. Many amazing, wonderful, talented, intelligent, kind, creative, ambitious, gentle people in the world are gay. Many more have parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers or friends that are gay. Just because interracial marriage and divorce have been (and sometimes still are) talked about in hushed tones hasn’t impacted the rate of those occurrences.

And it would be awfully nice if we could stop telling people that their reality is something to be ashamed of. That’s exactly what we do every time we pretend something doesn’t exist. And maybe *you* think they should be ashamed, and maybe *you* wish it were different, but guess what? *They* should be damn proud of who they are.

Inevitably when I write this blog, I find that there are many people who have said what needs to be said more eloquently than I. So I leave you with this video from George Takei, and the important message he leaves us with: “It’s okay to be Takei.”

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