Damn you, Fox

I’m in mourning. Frankly, I should know better, but inevitably, the optimistic side of me takes hold, I fall prey to the same behavior over and over again. I am in the midst of an incredibly unhealthy relationship.What is it that they call doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result? Oh right, insanity.

But once again, Fox has broken my heart. I mean, I should know better. After all, it’s owned by Rupert Murdoch for heaven’s sake. Why I give him any encouragement at all by watching television shows on his network is somewhat beyond me.

At any rate, I confess I was sucked in. Human Target drew me in, and I loved it. I loved the banter, the action, the sheer ridiculousness of the show. What can I say? You’re talking to a girl who was raised on the A-Team and MacGyver. This is what I expect out of a show.

And what happened? After two measly half seasons, the show was canceled.

I don’t know why I expected anything different. After all, this is the same network that canceled Futurama (Thank you, Comedy Central), Family Guy (I guess Fox knows what to do when overwhelmingly proven wrong), John Doe, Dark Angel, Firefly, Greg the Bunny and countless other cult classics.

In fairness, I do recognize that Fox gives some series a chance at life that other networks probably wouldn’t. But if you’re going to take the chance, isn’t it worth it to take it one step further and give it a *real* chance? All I’m asking for here is some consistent scheduling and more than 26 episodes (hell, more than 13 is often a freaking miracle!).

Sigh. Back to reruns. Maybe this is a sign I watch too much TV.

Anyway, without further ado, a few clips and trailers from my favorites:

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