I am a genius.

A bold statement, I know. But after fighting with my daughter to take a nap, wherein she screamed bloody murder when I left her, and when I came back kept commanding me to “Lie down!” and “Blanket!” (There’s a gray blanket in her room that we use if we’ve just given up and lie down on the floor with her); I finally came up with a brainstorm.

“K,” I said, “Would you like Jack to take a nap with you?”


“Okay, honey, I’ll get Jack and have him take a nap with you.”

I then proceeded to lay out a mat, put Jack down, and put a blanket over him.

“Honey, can Mumma leave the room now?”


It’s been five minutes now, and based on the video monitor, she spent the first 2 minutes popping her head up to make sure Jack was still there. She now looks down for the count.

I will now bask in the glow of my success. And you didn’t think I was a genius.

This is Jack. Technically, his name is "Learn-to-Dress Jake," but Jamie misheard me when we first got him, so he's been "Jack" ever since.

Jake napping.

iPlay Learn-to-Dress Jake

2 thoughts on “I am a genius.

  1. Maybe a holdover from school days, when naptime is had with friends? I DO think you are a genius for this — Hurrah Lorita!

    • Undoubtedly. At school every time she’s partly wakes up, she can always see someone in the room. Not so at home, and I think she doesn’t like it so much. Plus, I think she’s still mildly pissed at me for my trip last week and is slightly worried that I won’t be here when she wakes up.

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