Gender Stereotypes and Expectations, Part II

You’ll recall that a few months ago, I highlighted a blog I found interesting that focused on the author’s son and the outrage they encountered over his chosen Halloween costume.

In a continuation of the theme around gender stereotypes, I found this quite interesting:

Word Cloud: How Toy Ad Vocabulary Reinforces Gender Stereotypes | The Achilles Effect

You can read more on the blog, but essentially, the author analyzed commercials shown during kids’ programming and created the following Word Clouds best on the predominance of words used in the commercials. She separated the toys shown into “boy” and “girl” toys based on how they are categorized on toy store sites.

Here are the results:

Frequency of words used in “boys’ toys” commercials

Frequency of words used in “girls’ toys” commercials

Not a whole lot else to say, is there?

One thought on “Gender Stereotypes and Expectations, Part II

  1. Wow, you could do a whole anthropological study using these word clouds, though some of them I find funny like “shower” for girls, does that mean they’re cleaner than boys? And snow…what? I find the totally, delicious and perfect pretty disturbing.

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