I am a shoe.

Now, what exactly do I mean by that statement? Maybe I’m trying to convey that people walk all over me. Or that I am but a tool that people use to walk over other things. We could be more positive and say that I provide a means for people to get from one place to another – I serve as a barrier between them and their obstacles and allow them to soldier on. Maybe I’ve embraced some of the Eastern philosophies and coming to terms with my place in the Universe. I could even be making a broader statement – we are ALL shoes. I could just let you try to figure out what I mean on your own.

But in fact, I’m doing none of those. I’m simply letting you know that I am a shoe. And here’s the proof:

The Lorita Shoe from Nine West

The Lorita Shoe

Too bad I don’t like it, otherwise, I would totally buy it.

2 thoughts on “I am a shoe.

  1. hahaha you make me laugh. miss you.

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