Feeling Guilty…or Inspired.

There’s this feeling I have. The pessimist in me would probably call it guilt. The optimist in me would call inspiration. Hard to tell which one it is, but regardless, there’s this feeling I have. And I blame it entirely on my friend Claire.

I love Claire. She’s fantastic for oh so many reasons, but it’s clearly her fault that I’m dealing with this conflict right now. See, Claire also writes a blog. Two, actually. And she’s made a commitment to herself that she’ll begin to update them twice a week. Did you hear me? Twice a week. And since she has two blogs, she’s actually going to be writing four blogs a week. This is on top of her two jobs, her running (she’s run in, I think, two marathons), being the mother of a one-year old, and god knows what else she’s signed herself up for. Yikes. Would that I had this kind of stamina. Hell, it’s a miracle that I can get myself and my kid out the door before 7:45 each morning.

But damn it, I started this blog, and I enjoy writing it. I have lots of ideas – it’s time to put my fingers to work and capture them. So I guess I will be guiltily inspired to write more often. And see if I can inspire some guilt out of Claire for having put me in this predicament. Hey, I never said I was a nice person.

In the meantime, check out Claire’s blogs at:

2 thoughts on “Feeling Guilty…or Inspired.

  1. ps. Your guilt works. You just “inspired” me to settle down and write my novel.

  2. Inspiration is contagious. Like the flu 😉

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