And so it begins: The Fashionista

I know. I’ve been lazy. We can talk about that some other time.

Today, instead, I’d like to talk about how my daughter has already begun to distinguish herself from her mother.

A couple of months ago, when K started playing “dress-up” by grabbing various hats, trying on sunglasses and carrying around various items as if they were purses, I passed it off as typical toddler behavior – she was just trying to do what Mumma does.

Two weeks ago, when she started taking off her shirt randomly, I reminded myself that every toddler likes being naked.

Last week, when she flatly refused to wear the outfit I had picked out for her and insisted on another shirt and pair of pants, I resigned myself to the start of her independence phase.

But today. Today, I draw the line. My 21-month-old daughter is…(gasp)…brand-conscious.

How do I know this? She recognizes which diapers she usually wears.

Ever since we passed the newborn phase (when we were avid Pampers users), we have been using the brand of diapers. Day-in, day-out. Last week, we happened to be at Costco and low on diapers, so I bought some Kirkland brand. We finally ran out of diapers yesterday, and this evening, when she saw the new diaper on the changing mat, and she immediately said, “No monkey?” ( diapers have a monkey on them. The Kirkland ones appear to have a cat.) Yes, we’re talking about the difference between two generic brands, but the point here is: she knows.

I think I’m in trouble. But damn that kid is cute.

**Before you all bombard me with reasons why I shouldn’t take all this so seriously, let me preemptively say that this post is written (mostly) tongue-in-cheek. Yes, I know she’s probably just interested in the animal on the front, I just thought it was funny. But you know that the universe is going to punish me for all my misdeeds by gracing me with a pink-loving, Barbie-doll-playing (sorry, Lee), make-up-wearing kid who will look to me – to ME of all people – for help navigating the wide, wide world of delicate femininity. I think I just pulled a muscle laughing.

K after having put on a hat and carrying a purse. She's probably looking for a scarf now.

K loves this hat.

One thought on “And so it begins: The Fashionista

  1. I will happily buy K the entire world of Barbie, should she desire to enter the pink-side!

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