Gender Stereotypes and Expectations

Okay, so most of you know that I’m really not a big fan of pink. Especially that pale pastel pink you find in baby stores. I think that pink Red Sox caps are an affront to baseball. I didn’t want to find out K’s gender early at least in part because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to climb out of the mountain of pink that would surely follow if people knew ahead of time that we were having a girl.

(Some of you will observe that I do in fact wear pink from time to time. Let me be clear – I don’t hate the color, I just think its usage should be limited, and I object to the fact that it’s hard to find red and blue clothes for girls without people assuming that she MUST be a boy.)

It’s clear I don’t like to be confined by gender stereotypes – and I don’t want my daughter to be confined by them either. So with that rather windy prelude, I present to you one of the best blogs I’ve read in a while on the subject:

My son is gay « Nerdy Apple Bottom.

I strongly recommend you read it – we all need a little perspective sometimes.

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