And the parenting award of the week goes to…

…someone other than us! Scenario as follows:

Daughter offered usual breakfast of oatmeal and yogurt. Has half a dozen bites, then refuses. Begins demanding breakfast bread (i.e. either pumpkin loaf or blueberry muffin). Parents refuse. Begins crying. Parents refuse. Cries some more. Parents try to bribe child by giving her a bite, followed by oatmeal. Child complies, but immediately wants more pumpkin bread. Parents give her one more bite. Child eats pumpkin bread but refuses oatmeal and yogurt. Parents stop giving her pumpkin bread. Child cries. Doesn’t eat oatmeal or yogurt. Parents take child out of high chair, figuring she won’t starve and needs to learn to eat what parents give her. Mom makes fried rice out of previous night’s leftover bulgogi and rice. Mom sits down to eat some. Child wants some. Mom complies. Child eats a fifth of the bowl. Child is happy. Mom is left befuddled, wondering exactly where the train went off the tracks…

There are really no excuses for the above scenario, but I will provide a little extra color:

  • K has been sick all week, with a stomach bug and three molars erupting. As a result, her appetite has been practically non-existent and while she had the stomach bug, the only thing she would eat was blueberry muffins. So that’s what she kept getting. Now that she’s better, she seems to expect more of the same, but I’d rather not fill her with sugar.
  • FAT, on the other hand, is perfectly acceptable (okay not really, but just stay with me here), because her pediatrician at her one-year appointment commented on her low body weight and suggested that we include [good] fats in her diet. I think there may have been a word he said before the word “fats,” but you know, I was uh, preoccupied and stuff, and uh, didn’t hear him correctly. I remember him saying she could have butter though, so fried rice must also be acceptable.
  • She’s supposed to learn to like her mother’s cooking, right? and well, it’s not MY fault that the only things I can cook well are bad for you…
  • During the week, K really does love her oatmeal and yogurt. I may want to start thinking about offering her something different on the weekends for the fun factor. I’m thinking an Eggbeater omelet or something may be in order. Filled with yummy veggies. I really don’t like pancakes much, so I would prefer not to serve them.

I’m planning to bake today – I’ll make some blueberry mini-muffins with a lot less sugar and half whole wheat flour. That way when she demands a muffin, she’ll get one. Not only will it be [a little] better for her, it also won’t taste nearly as good, so she may stop demanding them. We can always hope. đŸ™‚

I confess: my eating habits are terrible. And one of the few good meals I eat is lunch (a salad topped with avocado, tomatoes, chicken/goat cheese and mushrooms, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar), but since that’s at work, she never sees me eat them. NOT a good thing. I’m getting better – we’re eating at home more, and I’ve gotten the kid into things like couscous and [some] tofu. She likes peas and carrots and green beans (esp out of can, interestingly…). But there’s still a lot of work to be done. And you all know that the food thing has been giving me an ulcer since K first started on solids.

God, I hate cooking.

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