Wow, what a week.

No seriously, WHAT A WEEK. I apologize for the graphical nature of this post. I encourage all non-parents to stop reading now. I wouldn’t want to scare you off.

Last Saturday, my poor kid started throwing up. A lot. She was cranky most of the day. Sunday, much of the same. Voluminous. Projectile. Woke herself up at 2:30 in the morning doing it. Monday. Diarrhea. Vomit in the morning and at dinner. Tuesday. Diarrhea. Vomit-free…until 11pm. Wednesday. Mostly vomit- and diarrhea-free. Had a great morning. Until after lunch. Tried to put her down for a nap. Started screaming. Inconsolable. Painful (As in, full of pain for her, and painful to my ears for me!). And seemingly endless. With the exception of two 15-minute whimpering sessions (she stopped crying a couple of times while I was reading her a couple books), and much-protested but badly needed 1-hour nap, she cried from 1pm-10pm straight. She woke herself (and us!) up a couple of times during the night crying as well. Did it again Thursday night, though for less time. And last night, though again for less time. So it’s getting better.

You have to understand – she’s NEVER done this. She hasn’t been much of a crier except for when she’s been in pain. If she’s upset, she’ll whine and maybe whimper, but she doesn’t cry just because she wants something. She was never colicky (thanking lucky stars for that…). We’re talking about a girl who has always very happily gone to bed with George in hand and blown us kisses as we leave the room. And even when she has been fussy or cranky, she usually quiets down pretty quickly. So a week of a very cranky girl has been absolutely unprecedented in this household.

Once she got over the stomach bug and was still clearly in pain, we realized that she’s teething. And we’re talking major teething here – not one, not two, but at least THREE molars are coming in simultaneously.

Oh my poor little girl. Because as bad as MY week has been, I shudder to think how bad HERS has been.

3 thoughts on “Wow, what a week.

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  2. Thanks, Karina! Have been giving her Acetaminophen because doctor suggests we stay away from Ibuprofen for a while since I have such a strong allergy to it. The Orajel is a good idea!

  3. Teething = Ibuprofen or GumNumb (Orajel)

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