PR Fail

So I was leafing through the August issue of Real Simple magazine, when on page 40, I was struck by something kind of fascinating. The feature was on “Trends Worth Trying,” and this particular page focused on mini skirts.

Real Simple Trend: Mini Skirts

But here’s the funny thing. The woman on the left is the vice president of public relations for Talbots. The woman on the right works for her as PR coordinator. Would you like to know what they’re wearing?

  • A Rachel Rachel Roy skirt
  • DKNY jacket
  • Tory Burch top
  • Joan & David heels
  • Kendra Scott earrings
  • Lela Rose silk skirt
  • Josie Natori top
  • Coye Nokes heels
  • Talbots necklace

That’s right. These women manage the PR for Talbots. Talbots, whose target market is probably the very women who read this magazine. And yet, the only item they managed to convince the editors to let them wear that is produced by their very own employer is a necklace?! To me, the message that sends is that Talbots doesn’t make clothes that are good enough even for their own high-powered executive. Sorry, but I call this one a PR fail.

As an aside – I think it’s hilarious that they have the VP wearing the $89 skirt from Macy’s and the PR coordinator wearing the $750 silk skirt from Bergdorf Goodman.

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