The Oregon Trail

When I grew up, personal computing was just beginning to become mainstream. I remember us having one of the first Macintoshes at our house, and I remember playing games like Zork and this little slot machine game (what can I say? I’m Chinese).

The Oregon Trail (video game)

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Our elementary school, Mira Catalina, also had a small computer lab that we all shared and once in a while (maybe once a week? Not sure – my memory is fuzzy…) we had computer time, and we played a text-based game called The Oregon Trail. I loved this game. I looked forward to playing it whenever we had the chance. So much so that as an adult, I’ve actually purchased the updated version (with graphics!). Cause I’m just that much of a dork.

Oregon Trail In-Game Image

That being said, those of you that also remember The Oregon Trail will probably get a kick out of this:

As an aside, the other game I remember was Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, which my friend Adrienne had at her house. Look for the plane with the rising sun!

Thanks to Ze Frank for the link to The Oregon Trail video.

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