K’s Personality

As K gets older, the really cool thing is to start figuring out her personality. Although she’s only 14 and a half months, I already know that my daughter:

  • Is cautious. She doesn’t like to do things unless she’s sure she can do it and do it well. She likes to hold onto someone in the meantime for a little extra support (literally and figuratively!)
  • Is laid-back. Not a whole lot phases her. With the exception of some separation anxiety that results in some whining, she isn’t prone to wild screams of discontent (excitement, yes, but not discontent). And even the separation anxiety is quickly overcome as soon as Mummy is out the door.
  • Can problem-solve. The kid’s got a pretty good idea of how to get what she wants if the most direct route doesn’t work for her.
  • Has attitude. She’s  been known to tell her teachers to talk to the hand.
  • Is mischievous. Her new favorite game is to push Mummy over while laughing uproariously. Over and over and over again.
  • Isn’t afraid to ask for help. Will try to do whatever she wants done but once she’s determined she can’t (open a box for instance), she’ll turn to me and calmly but insistently ask for my help. “Uh! Uh!”
  • Is affectionate. On her terms at least. But she does like to crawl into laps for a good cuddle.
  • Has a smile and eyes that lights up a room. No seriously – this one’s a doozy. She’s going to be trouble.

So far I’m liking what I see. Don’t you?

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