Travel Experiment

So I’m currently on a plane, traveling alone with K. While she’s been on many a plane previously (6 to be exact), this is the first time I’m trying to do it solo. Although we haven’t used our infant bucket seat at home in a month or so, I pulled it out of the basement to see if K would still fit. It’s at times like this that I’m awfully glad K is such a little peanut, because despite being almost 14 months old, she still *just* fits. Advantage? I can break out the snap and go (and its ginormous basket) for the airport, making it much easier to throw the diaper bag in there, check my one bag, and get by with my backpack.

Of course, our last trip was four months ago, and K is a heck of a lot more active and interactive. It should be interesting! So I’ve stocked up on a few new toys, two Georges, and a whole heck of a lot of yogurt.

The other part of this experiment is that for the first time in years – and I mean at least 7 or 8 – I am computer-less. I have left my computer at home. I feel like a recovering addict. I’m going through periods of panic and withdrawal. What’s worse, is that given that I have with me my iPad, a hard drive with all my backed up data, and a computer in sleep mode at home with LogMeIn installed, I’m not sure anyone is going to really give me any props. But hey, it all begins with the first step, right?

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