Isis Great Beginnings Class

I think for new parents, there’s nothing more valuable than having a support group of people who are going through the exact same things that you are. Now, I know we all have friends that have had kids. But a difference of six months – heck, a difference of three months – in these early days is an eternity. I think there’s some kind of primal amnesia that occurs in the early days of parenting. My theory is that the fast-paced development of the infant/toddler years is an evolutionary response to the need to eradicate all memory of each moment of tearful, gut-wrenching panic and sheer, overwhelming exhaustion. As a result, it’s absolutely critical to have a friend that you can turn to that knows – in the moment – exactly what you’re going through. And if you don’t have a friend that is conveniently scheduled to procreate at the exact moment that you are? Well, you go find someone. Hence the advent of “Mommy and Me” classes, or in my case and in my ‘hood: Isis Parenting‘s Great Beginningsclass.

Isis Kids - July 2009 - 2-3 months old

Great Beginnings Class

These classes are great because where else are you going to find 5-9 other brand-new mothers? I was lucky: My Isis class was fantastic. We had a relatively small group of six, so we had the opportunity to really get to know each other and bond. We’ve continued to keep in touch and have tried to get together with some consistency at least in small groups. We have managed to get together a couple of different times, most recently in celebration of our kids’ one year birthdays. So to my whole Isis clan – thanks for bearing through this year together with me, and here’s to the next 17!

Halloween 2009 - 4-5 months old.

Isis Reunion - One Year Later.

One thought on “Isis Great Beginnings Class

  1. I agree. We really lucked out with our class, and I’m always surprised when I meet someone who didn’t do Great Beginnings… I just think – how did you get through those tough early weeks?

    Time to start planning our next get together…

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