One year ago…

We were at Brigham & Women’s Hospital. K was still in the NICU at Children’s Hospital because of her breathing difficulties, and I was pissing off the residents because every time they came to check on me, they found an empty bed.

Jamie would wheel me down (I still wasn’t allowed to walk much) to the bridge that connects Brigham’s and Children’s, and we would spend a ridiculous amount of time there trying to figure out what we were supposed to do with this little creature. We would leave before the residents started their rounds and return after they had finished them. Not deliberately, of course, though it may have seemed that way! Our response (once K was off the oxygen and we were told she was fine), well move her to the Brigham NICU, or better yet, discharge her to the nursery, and we wouldn’t keep avoiding the doctors đŸ™‚

There are tons of funny moments from those first few days – from being convinced that she was peeing on me in the middle of the night to feeling like a dairy cow to watching all those damn videos on the hospital television that they make you watch before they’ll discharge you. But the best was bringing her home, laying her oh so gently in her crib, looking at each other and thinking: “What the hell are we supposed to do now?!?”

It’s been a great, crazy year, and I cannot believe that my little girl is one.

At the Hospital

“I’m 1 today!”

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