Meet George

Have you met George? If not, you probably haven’t spent too much time with K yet. Let me tell you the story of George.

Before K was born, we had lots of discussions about things like pacifiers and loveys (p.s. I hate that word) and stuffed animals, etc. We heard tons of great advice, some of which we even took! And when you’re pregnant, you often just start buying random crap. So during one of our classes at Isis, we walked through the store part and saw these rolled up blanky/stuffed animal loveys. Lots of choices, including bunnies, dogs, bears, frogs, etc., but I chose the giraffe because I wanted her to have something a little unusual.

[random aside: in retrospect, I think it’s kind of funny that I chose the giraffe since, well, that was before we had seen K, let alone knew that she had NF. Why is that amusing? Well, a giraffe is spotted, and my little girl is too! Hopefully, they can relate :-)]

We gave it to her now and again during her first couple of months, but she really wasn’t very interested. Then, when reviewing her paperwork for daycare, we read that we should send to daycare pacifiers, blankets or loveys that our child might be attached to. K wasn’t really “attached”, but we figured, “eh, we bought it, so we might as well send it with her and see what happens.”

Within two weeks, she and George were inseparable, especially during naps and bedtime. Toya, the director of her day care, says she’s never seen any kid so attached to one of these things so young. And it’s just gotten stronger as the months have passed. The kid goes into fits when she sees this thing – it’s pretty amusing. So now, she has one George at day care, and three at home to allow for washing. Because have you ever smelled a piece of fabric that has been continually sucked on by an infant? NASTY. We have to wash it three times to get the stink out. yuck.

By the way – we occasionally get asked why the giraffe’s name is George. To be honest, we don’t have a good reason. There was a certain compulsion for it to be alliterative, and we weren’t going to name it Geoffrey because we refused to be THAT commercial. So George it is.

3 thoughts on “Meet George

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  2. I’m a little concerned that that’s going to be a problem soon enough. She definitely recognizes it – even from across the room. I’m not sure she realizes that there’s more than one yet, and I’m not really sure what I’m going to do once she does!

    I know someone who had a blanket that their mom washed, and when she got it back all nice and clean, she wailed, “but now it doesn’t smell like me!!”

  3. Very cute. I was personally attached to a blanket when I was a kid, and there was only one I would accept–I totally knew the difference between my blanket and another. I don’t know how my mom ever got it washed. I guess maybe when I was asleep.

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