Corporate citizenship at its finest

Okay, I found this kind of amusing: Catching up on about two weeks’ worth of mail this weekend, and I found no fewer than four identical credit card offers from CapitalOne (I found the fourth after I took this picture). I think this is a pretty representative sampling of the number of CapitalOne offers we get on a regular basis, so if you extrapolate that out, you figure that we receive at least 100 offers every year.

I’m at least moderately amused by the amount of money they waste on this – especially given that the offers appear identical week after week after week – but what struck me this weekend as I was shredding and trashing the lot was the little logo at the back of the envelopes, that says “Please Recycle.”

Really? I mean…really? Why even bother?

Seems like a conflicting message to me...

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