Stupid parenting concerns, part 2

Slight delays in things like gross motor development take on a whole new color when you add something like NF to the mix.

Now my kid is phenomenal in any number of ways – she’s super smiley; she’s a great sleeper; and she babbled like nobody’s business – but her gross motor development has always been a little slow. At first, things like rolling over and sitting up, we attributed to the size of her head (trust me, it really is that big 🙂 ). But at 11 months she still doesn’t really crawl, and her standing is still more leaning than balancing (butt thrust back, head and shoulders thrust forward. Hilarious).

I know she’s still within the range of normal, but when you add in a neurological condition like NF, you do kinda wonder if it’s related and if so when and whether you should consider early intervention.

Then again, the kid was also three weeks early, and her parents aren’t exactly Olympic athletes, so I think I’ll hold off on worrying about this for another couple months. Check back with me in about three months.

2 thoughts on “Stupid parenting concerns, part 2

  1. Thanks, Jadie 🙂

  2. Loreet…I think you’re doing awesome. I don’t think these are “stupid parenting concerns” and I think under the circumstances you are handling it quite well. Props o both you and Jamie.

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