Stupid parenting concerns

You know how everyone always talks about how kids should come with a manual? I couldn’t agree more. I mean, I KNOW that every kid is different so the crazy large guidelines they have are there so that type A parents like myself don’t freak out too easily. And to be honest, I only freak out a little bit (Jamie might disagree) and only about a few select things.

For example, I never really worry about germs. We took K out for walks the second day we were home (once the painkillers from the C-section were less necessary). We went to Costco when she was six days old. Now that’s a germ factory if there ever was one! But there are two areas that I tend to freak out about: food and development.

First, food. In fairness to me, K has had slow weight gain from birth, so from the very beginning, we’ve been told to keep an eye on her eating patterns and go in for frequent weight checks. We’ve added formula to her food and extra to her bottle at the nurse’s suggestion. And for the most part, I’m cool with this -as long as she’s not crazy light and continues to be active and interactive, I’ve told myself not to worry.

But I confess that the whole solid food thing has always baffled me. First it was a question of how much how often with the pureed food. But of course, shortly after we started solids, K started her little vomiting episode where she vomited every 1-2 days if not more…for THREE months. Really, it’s amazing that I was as calm about it as I was!

While she seems to have grown out of the vomiting thing (thank god), I still struggle with the how much how often thing – particularly when it comes to finger food. How the heck do you know how much a small 11-month old is supposed to eat? And what are you supposed to give them? Given K’s weight history, I hesitate from cutting back on the pureed food as long as she’ll eat it (same with the formula volume), so it’s led to some confusion. Since the GI exams have been clear, and K seems to be gaining weight again, I’m only sort of concerned, but there really should be a chapter in a book to go over this.

I’ll go over the development thing in my next blog because that’s “a whole nother” thing.

6 thoughts on “Stupid parenting concerns

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  3. Thanks for all the support, everyone! It’s really the finger foods that I’m confused about now. I have no idea how much finger food is equivalent to a jar of food. The pureed food is eas(ier), but she’s still working on the finger foods, and she doesn’t really like chunks. Silly girl.

    We’ll see at her one-year appointment (gasp!) whether she’s gained a sufficient enough amount of weight. I’m hopeful that she is no longer losing percentage points and that her body is starting to catch up to her ginormous noggin 🙂

  4. lorita,
    you are so right about solids, and i completely understand your double confusion because if K’s weight situation. i read Ellyn Satter’s book Child Of Mine: Feeding With Love And Good Sense an have always found it helpful. she gets a little uptight about jarred food (OK, a LOT uptight) but for the most part i have found her reassuring. her angle is a little more behavioral, but what i like is the importance she instills on eating but without instructing to withhold or force food. i think once they become real toddlers and we have to play more of a regulatory role, i haven’t gotten to that part of the book yet. i always feed E until she tells me she is done and i generally keep track of what she’s eaten, but not too much. her growth curve is just fine and she seems happy and satisfied. well anyway, that’s my 2 cents.

  5. My kids are always big eaters, but I can tell you what I am feeding Austin right now. He gets nursed about 3-4 times a day. He is very fast at this and I really have no idea how much he actually gets. In addition to the nursing, I feed him some Quaker oats in the morning (about 1 hand full worth) with a little jam for taste. Then, he gets a 6 oz jar of the chunky baby food (the Gerber 3rd stage ones – sorry don’t puree my own) and if he still seems hungry, a 4 oz of fruit or veggie puree (Gerber 2nd Stage). I feed him this again for dinner. But, I have to say that you should just go with your gut and listen to K. If she seems to be enjoying the food, keep feeding her. When she starts getting distracted and is not interested, that is normally the sign she is done. I have always felt that up until the babies turn 1, food is more to teach them about texture and taste. If they enjoy it, it is an opportunity to give them more variety. If they don’t, it just means they need more time getting used to it. Every baby is so different and although it seems like a manual would be helpful, I think your motherly instinct is much better for K than any general book would ever be. If she is happy, healthy, and gaining weight, you are doing all you can for her! PS – I love reading this blog!

  6. Lorita. Since I just started Addie on solids about 1 1/2 months ago I can kind of commiserate. She seemed totally game for the idea of solids and LOVED the idea of eating with a spoon but there just doesn’t seem to be an off button for her. So, I basically “winged” it. I gave her what seemed to be a decent amount of food (possibly a bit more than necessary) and hoped for the best. When I finally went to the Pediatrician he said “keep doing what you are doing”. I had recently had another mother tell me I wasn’t giving Addie enough solids because she was never dismissing the food or indicating a lack of interest after the feed. She told me babies can self-regulate (unlike adults). I ignored because I’ve seen my kid eat and she is more enthralled by the whole notion of eating from a spoon. Anyway, I spoke to our pedi about that as well and he said too many parents over-feed their kids…. trust my instincts. She’s not supposed to get any real nutrients from solids yet anyway (it’s more socialization right now). The point is: you really have to go with your gut. You know your kid better than anyone else. As long as she keeps gaining weight and your comfortable with whatever is going on things are cool. But, I sympathize…Addie was a slow gainer too. Hey, our girls are delicate flowers…what does the world want? Bottomline: The fact that you worry about this sh*t means you are doing all the right things 🙂

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